So, er, hi.

I really, really don’t like writing the first post (the post that hurts the most). It’s boring. Boring to write, and boring to read. So I’ll make it quick.

Basically, this is a blog where I’ll write all my thoughts on my current writing projects. At the minute, that list is embarrassingly small, consisting solely of a) my nerdy-as-hell dissertation and b) my slightly less nerdy music blog (http://divingstation.wordpress.com). I’m at uni still, nearing the end of a creative writing course, and so most of my writing time is spent on assignments. It’s still very early in the semester, so I’ve really done nothing on any of them yet. Seriously, I don’t even have any ideas yet. Nothing to share there.

That really about covers it, for now anyway. I’m not gonna start discussing anything in-depth in this post, as I have a tendency to waffle and, right now, I really need to get to bed.

My next post (up in a few days.. probably?) will be about my dissertation, and how goddamn difficult it is to write decent fantasy fiction.

Seeya then!

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